zzzeee Flow melody by piano and strings , represent mope and deep living experience. Variety love and style. Touch people who cherish life and look forward.
Twindai is a individual moden musician. He explore his music style though different type of life. He was living and travelling several cities in both Asia and Europe.
His life was fulfilled by contradiction and baffle. It was bustle, immutable, upper-classes, impoverished, colourless,Young and aggressive, reserved and deeper.

Best 精选集:

Long will 17 chubby 圆胖 Mope to sunshine 拥抱阳光 Long will 15 ITPD 5mins 回顾ITPD
New friend old feel 新友旧念 Sunshine 阳光 Long year 06 tangly 纠结
Long will 23 developing 白兔第一 Secret garden accompany 神秘园 For little brother 致弟弟
mother I miss u 妈妈我想你  Long will 15 ITPD 5mins 回顾ITPD  long year 09 CPH NL  CPH 新生
 a beatiful story 美丽故事
DZ composed and performed / DZ 作曲 原创钢琴曲:
New friend old feel 新友旧念 Sunshine 阳光 Mope to sunshine 拥抱阳光
Only mope 唯有忧郁 Fresh final 小清新 for levis 致李维斯
For little brother 致弟弟 Friendship 友情 At will new 随心而做
Relax again 放松吧 Finding 寻找到的 My first lost 丢失的第一次
Sad past alone 悲伤的孤独 Peace life 平静心情 Insist burden 坚持到底
Argumented mood 增强 Short harp 短短的和弦 FRESH PIANO 小清新钢琴版
DZ improvisation  / DZ 即兴记录: they may include errors but are worth to collect
—Long will series
Long will no1 Peregrination 游历 Long will no2 Placid 宁静 Long will no3 Shard 碎片
Long will no4 Gentility 文雅 Long will no5 Palatable 美味 Long will no6 Quibble 俏皮话
Long will no7 Foment 煽动 Long will no8 Doggerel 打油诗 Long will no9 Probity 廉洁
Long will 10 benediction 祝福 Long will 11 harbinger 前兆 Long will 12 concord 和睦
Long will 13 finical 周到 Long will 14 eulogy 赞颂 Long will 15 ITPD 5mins 回顾ITPD
Long will 16 rapport 亲善 Long will 17 chubby 圆胖 Long will 18 laud 赞美
Long will 19 ample 丰富 Long will 20 maverick 独行 Long will 21 audacious 奇妙
Long will 22 dreaming 梦游 Long will 23 developing 白兔第一 Long will 24 sleep and sleep 睡梦中
—Long year series
Long year 01 Recovery 复原 Long year 02 Story 故事 Long year 03 Can’t say 说不出口
Long year 04 Can’t say really 真的的说不出口 Long year 05 Get out of addiction 逃出沉溺 Long year 06 Tangly 纠结
long year 08 go away继续向前 long year 09 CPH NL  CPH 新生 long year 07 contiguous比邻的他
Variations  / 基于原作的变调:
Secret garden accompany 神秘园 The castle in sky 天空之城 Variation of canon 卡农变调
Old boy 老男孩 Xianjian 仙剑 Titanic 泰坦尼克