Interactive motion tracing for Rowing Training [Danish HCI Research Symposium DHRS 2011]

Interactive motion tracing for Rowing Training [PDF]

This paper studies motion tracking and team coordination for the training of rowers. The design research is drawn upon the division of contribution between the designers input and the user input in a design process. We built a training system that can record and show the action of a rower’s hand. Designer proposed solutions for both a fundamental problem and a very advanced problem. Users guided the design direction, and spoke what they expected or what they disliked. As the result, our design provided a real-time recording tool for rowers and coaches to discuss and analyze the motion. The coach can correct the path immediately and save the corrected path for the rower to try to imitate and train. The members in a rowing team train with the same path from to coordinate and synchronize their actions for the best performance. The training system was developed through a user-centered design process with Danske Studenters Roklub. It was designed in iterations to provide a new experience for rowing sport training by coaching in real-time, training interactively, and perceiving directly.