Rowing traning flash


This is a study about sport training. I visit Danish Rowing Team and help them developed a system for analyzing motion.
User could save a "coach path" to learn from and practise.

CPD Introduction


I am working at Center for product development, mads clausen institute, Syddansk Universitet , here is a innovation center for new tech product.
This video includes 3 projects.

Lenovo Touch Screen Demo


Here is an interactive player to show a product demo for Lenovo Touch Screen. It includes musice, Pause, back, forward....

Developer's Assistant


My Master thesis, it is a interectivr tool for project managent and product innovation. this tool help people solve problem between uncertainty and complexity



excutable files can be find here.
only for PC

Motion viewer


It is a local application to read a xml file , and shows the motion in flash.
user can control the speed and smooth of the animation.

SunRise PV Research


Participatpry design and innovation need to collect participant attitute and help the make innovation.

Rowing capture 3D


To capture 3D motion we upgrade the rowing capture program as a 3D version

Dressing Room


Here is a Demo for a flash intereactive dressing room and shoping platform.
the aim for this application is to present an atmosphere of a nice enviroment.

2006-2008 Portfolio [flash]
2006-2008 Portfolio (html)

2009 Portfolio [flash]
2009 Portfolio [PDF]
2009 Portfolio Extension[PDF]

Dai Zheng
[email protected]

CV Detailed[PDF]

"Three" Car Design

A concept card design, powered by electricity, and designed for metropolitan city . Special Award, at 2007 International Invitation Competition for Concept Design of Metropolitan Vehicle”, Beijing University of Technology, 2007, Beijing CHINA